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MCQs on Atmosphere

MCQs on Atmosphere

  1. The term biosphere refers to

(a) Rocks and minerals

(b) Plants and animals

(c) Water sources

(d) Atmosphere and lithosphere

Answer: (b)

  1. The boundary between troposphere and stratosphere is known as

(a) tropopause

(b) ionopause

(c) stratopause

(d) mesopause

Answer: (a)

  1. Ozone hole is

(a) increase in the concentration of ozone

(b) hole in the ozone layer

(c) depletion of the ozone layer in the troposphere

(d) depletion of the ozone layer in the stratosphere

Answer: (d)

  1. If an object is present at a distance of 5 km from the surface of the earth, it is present in

(a) Troposphere

(b) Thermosphere

(c) Mesosphere

(d) Stratosphere

Answer: (a)

  1. The uppermost layer of atmosphere is known as

(a) Ionosphere

(b) Troposphere

(c) Stratosphere

(d) Exosphere

Answer: (d)

  1. Which among the following does not cause pollution?

(a) Automobiles

(b) Thermal power plant

(c) Hydro-electric plant

(d) Nuclear power plant

Answer: (c)

  1. The equipment to measure atmospheric humidity is

(a) Anemometer

(b) Psychrometer

(c) Hydrometer

(d) Lysimeter

Answer: (b)

  1. The mass of water vapour in a unit mass of air is referred to as

(a) relative humidity

(b) specific humidity

(c) approximate humidity

(d) absolute humidity

Answer: (b)

  1. The ozone layer is present in

(a) Thermosphere

(b) Stratosphere

(c) Troposphere

(d) Mesosphere

Answer: (b)

  1. The main constituents of atmosphere are

(a) N2 and O2

(b) CO2 and N2

(c) CO and CO2

(d) O3 and SO2

Answer: (a)


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