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MCQs on Surface Tension

MCQs on Surface Tension

Q1: When there are no external forces, the shape of a liquid drop is determined by

  1. Surface Tension of the liquid
  2. The density of the liquid
  3. The viscosity of the liquid
  4. The temperature of air only

Answer: (a) Surface Tension of the liquid

Q2: If T is the surface tension of the soap solution, the amount of work done in blowing a soap bubble from diameter D to a diameter 2D is

  1. 2πD2T
  2. 4πD2T
  3. 6πD2T
  4. 8πD2T

Answer: (c) 6πD2T

Q3: If the surface of a liquid is plane, then the angle of contact of the liquid with the walls of the container is

  1. Acute angle
  2. Obtuse angle
  3. 900
  4. 00

Answer: (d) 00

Q4: Raindrops are spherical in shape because of

  1. Capillary
  2. Surface Tension
  3. Downward motion
  4. Acceleration due to gravity

Answer: (b)Surface Tension

Q5: In a surface tension experiment with a capillary tube, the water rises up to 0.1m. If the same experiment is repeated on an artificial satellite which is revolving around the earth. The rise of water in a capillary tube is

  1. 0.1 m
  2. 9.8 m
  3. 0.98 m
  4. Full length of the capillary tube

Answer: (d) Full length of the capillary tube

Q6: At the critical temperature, the surface tension of the liquid

  1. Is zero
  2. Is infinity
  3. Is the same as that at the other temperature
  4. Cannot be determined

Answer: (a) Is zero

Q7: The surface of the water in contact with the glass wall is

  1. Plane
  2. Concave
  3. Convex
  4. Both a and b

Answer: (b) Concave

Q8: When a soap bubble is charged

  1. It contracts
  2. It expands
  3. It does not undergo any change in size
  4. None of these

Answer: (b) It expands

Q9: If common salt is dissolved in water, then the surface tension of saltwater is

  1. Increased
  2. Decreased
  3. Not changed
  4. First increases then decrease

Answer: (a) Increased

Q10: A drop of oil is placed on the surface of the water. Which of the following statements is correct?

  1. It will remain on it as a sphere
  2. It will spread as a thin layer
  3. It will partly be as spherical droplets and partly as thin films
  4. It will float at the distorted drop on the water surface.

Answer: (b) It will spread as a thin layer



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