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Verified Tutors



Who are verified tutors ?

Undergo an extra layer of verification.
Have to pay Registration Fees Rs.700/-
Have to submit PowerPoint presentation
Have to submit documents “scanned color copy”

Tutors who are listed as Verified

The tutors who are not verified are currently going through this process.

In the meantime,

Parents still book a tutor that is not verified.

We want to make it as easy and safe as possible for parents to find the best tutors.

Ultimately, parents and students are engaging with self-employed individuals and are responsible for their own safety.

PowerPoint presentation should be on the basis of a particular school syllabus topic.

After every successful arrangement tutor have to pay 50% in 1st Month and 25% from 2rd Month (From monthly Tuition Fees) to Scientia Tutorials as service charge.

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