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1. Inform all the feedback about the performance of your tutor to Scientia Education; otherwise we will not be responsible for any agony.

2. If any complain about the “Service” please! Inform immediately on 9864014444.

3. All Parents & Tutors are requested to visit our office or call us: 11 A.M. to 8 P.M. Monday to Friday.

4. Parents must inform the tutor in the previous class in case of any cancellation of classes.

5. Teacher must inform parents in the previous class in case of any cancellation of classes.

6. Cancellation of any class by Tutor as well as Parents via Telephone is strictly prohibited.

7. Fees will not be paid to a tutor for first class in case of request for change of that Tutor by parents on account of poor performance.

8. Minimum duration of a class should be 1 hour & 15 minutes i.e. 75 minutes.

9. Quitting Tuition by a Tutor in middle of a particular Slot (8 or 12 classes) is liable to nonpayment for that incomplete slot.

10. Teachers are strictly instructed to update Student’s as well as Teacher’s REPORT CARD in every class.

11. Use of mobile phones during class hour is strictly restricted.

12. All Teachers are requested to wear formal & sober dress.


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