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Terms & Conditions for Home Tutors

(1) Online Registration Link for Home Tutor: CLICK HERE After Registration Home Tutors have not to Request us/Call us for Home Tuition. Please Visit the Below Link Regularly for New Home Tuition Student: CLICK HERE

(2) Every new tutor has to pay a one-time non-refundable registration fee of Rs. 500. *Click Here to Pay* New tutor is eligible to book 1 tuition only. Kindly book your next tuition after completion of the 1st month of your 1st tuition. We have to verify the new tutor’s quality, responsibility and honesty during this period. After booking the 1st tuition, every new tutor has to submit documents for verification.

(3) All tutors have to pay non-refundable Student allotment fees Rs. 100 for every allotment to Scientia Tutorials. Before booking tuition, the tutor must have the essential eligibility criteria. After booking a tuition, the tutor has to start the class within 72 hours. Allotment fees not refundable.

(4) The tutor has to collect the tuition fees at the end of every month from the guardian. The guardian and tutor can mutually discuss the payment schedule as per their convenience. Scientia Tutorials has no involvement in the payment schedule.

(5) After every successful arrangement, the tutor has to pay a 50% in the first month & 20% tuition fee for the subsequent months till the tuition continues to Scientia Tutorials as a service charge. How to Pay: Google Pay Number: 9864920707 UPI ID: scientiatutorials@oksbi Please Mention the STUDENT ID during the transaction.

(6) The home tutor is not required to request new tuition. Scientia Tutorials have the responsibility to provide more tuition to a Dedicated tutor. Dedicated tutors are those who can continue a particular tuition for a long time with the student’s progress. Preference will be given to those who have responsibility and honesty.

(7) You understand and agree that the relationship between Scientia Tutorials and you will not be considered an employer-employee relationship. Scientia Tutorials does not provide any experience certificates or appointment letters as it is a part-time job.

(8) As a tutor providing home tuition, you agree to comply with all applicable laws, exercise the same degree of professional competence, care, skill, diligence and prudence as is normally exercised by professionals in the home-tutoring field.

(9) You understand that the final decision to choose a particular student for tuition is yours and yours alone. You understand that Scientia Tutorials is a home tutoring marketplace and will facilitate, through its platform and other resources, finding for you such students who want home tuition in your area of expertise.

(10) You understand and agree that you will teach the student if and only if at least one parent is present in the house.

(11) You indemnify Scientia Tutorials from and against any and all claims, causes of action, and liabilities (including reasonable attorney fees) which arise directly from breach of any applicable law, for your negligent or willful misconduct.

(12) You understand that for the tutoring services you are liable to pay taxes as applicable. You agree that all the tax liability for this payment is yours.

(13) Quitting Tuition by a Tutor in the Beginning or Middle of a Particular Slot without any specific problem or reason is not advisable. Candidates who do not follow this instruction will not be eligible to apply for new tuition in the future. As a responsible institute, we have no reason to disturb/interrupt our parents and tutors.

(14) Before applying, the candidate must agree to our terms and conditions and eligibility criteria. In such a case, if a tutor does not follow our terms and conditions and eligibility criteria, we will not be able to refund the processing fee. Processing fee not refundable.

(15) Minimum duration of a class should be 1 hour & 15 minutes i.e. 75 minutes.

(16) Use of mobile phones during class by tutors as well as students is strictly restricted.

(17) The appointed tutor has to contact and discuss the class schedule with the guardian within 24 hours of allotment. The home tutor and guardian should mutually adjust the class schedule.

(18) Attend Classes Regularly Always be punctual in the management of time. Cancellation of any class by the tutor or guardian via telephone at the scheduled time is strictly prohibited. Cancellation should be made in the event of an emergency by a minimum of 3 hours before the scheduled time, via telephone, with proper information.

(19) If a tutor does not follow the terms and conditions, your profile will be published as a blacklisted tutor on the portal:

*All disputes, if any, are to be settled under Guwahati jurisdiction only.

Acceptance: I have read and understand all the above terms and conditions and agree to accept them.

Last updated on 4th November, 2022

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