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MCQs on Magnetism

MCQs on Magnetism Question: For which of the following is magnetic susceptibility negative? Paramagnetic and Ferromagnetic materials Paramagnetic Materials only Ferromagnetic Materials only Diamagnetic Materials Answer: (d) Diamagnetic Materials Question:…

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MCQs on Biot-Savart Law

MCQs on Biot-Savart Law Q1: Which is the equation of the magnetic field according to Biot-Savart’s law? IdIsinθ/r2 (μ0/4π)IdIsinθ/r (μ0/4π)IdIsinθ/r2 (μ0/4π)IdIsinθ Answers: (c) (μ0/4π)IdIsinθ/r2 Q2: The magnetic field due to…

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