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Characteristics of Successful Tutors SCIENTIA EDUCATION

Characteristics of Successful Tutors SCIENTIA EDUCATION

Characteristics of Successful Tutors

Successful tutors:
• Are on time and prepared.
• Always find out your student’s strengths and weaknesses before starting the class.
• Encourage the student to develop good examples/discover examples provided in the text.
• Use questioning rather than answering strategies.
• Are able to explain concepts from several different angles.
• Eliminate the weaknesses and channelize the strengths.
• Make learning fun for the student rather than intimidating.
• Assess the student’s progress continuously and discuss the assessment with the student.
• Involve the parents.
• If one approach does not work, don’t give up. Try an alternate approach.
• Insist on learning the basics really well before moving on.
• Practice is the key to success. Do as many revisions as possible.

Successful Tutors DO NOT:

• Expect the student to hear and remember everything they’ve said.
• Say, “This is easy” or use any other phrase that might imply the student is not smart.
• Put down or criticize the student or their abilities.
• Start a session without understanding the student’s needs.
• Go by the approach that worked best for you. Rather, go by the approach that best suits the student.
• Intimidate the student. He has had enough stress at school. Try to be a friendly guide more than an instructor.
• Get upset if you don’t get the desired results. Instead, motivate your student to get better.
• Solve the problem or give the answer. The student should be holding the pencil.
• Criticize a teacher or the assignment.
• Go too fast.
• Waste the student’s time talking about themselves.

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