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Teaching Tips for Home Tutors

Teaching Tips for Home Tutors

Teaching Methodologies for Effective Learning

The profession of educating pupils does not follow any exact pattern. Teacher has to apply different teaching techniques to set one-on-one relationship with each student.  It requires good communication and effective planning for tutor to make a pupil understand the topic thoroughly.

Take Care of Following Things at Student’s Home:

  1. Be communicative and establish open environment.
  2. As much as possible make class fun and exciting.
  3. Promote positive attitude.
  4. Involve parents regularly.
  5. Prepare your lesson plan in advance.
  6. Select a suitable place from where you can comfortably conduct class.
  7. Try to learn reasons why student wanted a tutor.
  8. Analyze the strength and weakness of pupil.
  9. Find out the areas of student’s interest.

How to Plan a Session

The understated advices on conducting lessons will disclose the successful ways of teaching. You will be able to develop and implement innovative lesson plans.
Learn the objective of chapter you are going to teach.
Make a list of other things you will take. For example; taking examination, sharing informative idea on a particular topic, etc.
Instruct student to be ready with materials required for the next lesson in advance.
Make a short note on how you are going to present the class.
Review all the tutoring ideas before leaving for student’s home.

Points to Remember While Taking Lessons

Take a review of last session and discuss the objective of current class.
Give brief introduction of new concept which you are about to deliver.
Be prompt while teaching.
Establish a healthy learning environment. 
Patiently listen to the student’s responses and explanations. 
On regular base give the feedback on progress to student.
Work on the weak areas of student.

How to Make Your Tuition Lessons Interesting?

Tips for tutors: Teaching strategies for effective learning

The first ingredient to a lively lesson would be two way communications between the home tutor and student.
Secondly, certain subjects have more theories and it could be difficult for students to be able to absorb all at once. Patience is essential to help students better understand the topic.
Thirdly, a teacher acts as a role model and encouragement for students. For example, a teacher should look at the effort the student puts in in his studies. Even if there is any small improvement in his studies, it is the teacher’s responsibility to encourage the child to persevere for better grades.
In conclusion, many students complain that they are disappearing from tediousness attending a certain teacher’s lesson and see no interest in doing well for that particular topic. There is no wrong in the student for having such negative thoughts.
However, we should seek ways to resolve this early so to minimize any problem the student would face in the future with this particular subject. Most teachers are trained to teach in a similar way but it really depends on the teacher’s mindset to make the lesson as interesting as possible to suit the needs of the students. This in turn will enable students to develop a broader mindset in terms of learning and not attaining classes solely to perform well in examinations.
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