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Spoken English Course

SCIENTIA’s Spoken English Course
Do you need to improve your English?
If so, you know that you need the right guidance to achieve this.

Foundation English
Fluent English
Interview Techniques
Business English
Personality Development
Group Discussion

Foundation English : To train the learners into word recognition, word building, pronunciation, everyday vocabulary and simple sentences for social conversation.
Fluent English: To make the learner understand the mistakes he or she makes while speaking, and to master functional grammar that would empower him or her to speak English effortlessly.
Interview Techniques : The workshop that trains you to handle the job interview successfully.
Business English: A Programme that transforms your expressive speech into impressive speech.
Personality Development & Group Discussion: It deals with the holistic approach to the concept of personality which makes the participants gain an insight into themselves, a good knowledge of body language, an understanding of grooming and etiquette.

Who will benefit from the SCIENTIA’s Spoken English ?

 Do you often make grammatical errors?
 Are you confused about which punctuation marks to use?
 Do you face problems with making plurals or capitalization?
 Do you have problems with pronunciation?
 Do you know how to use contractions in English?
 Can you use collocations and phrasal verbs?
 Are you able to guess the meaning of new words?
 Do you know the differences in British and American English?

After you take this course:
 You’ll better understand full-speed English conversations and will sound more like a native speaker yourself.

 People will trust your conversational speech and include you in conversations in a closer, friendlier way.

 People will not speak to you slowly as if you didn’t understand English well.

 People will accept you easily in informal conversations and events, you’ll be recognized as a strong language learner, not a beginner.

 People will have more confidence in you as you work with native speakers.

 You will have broken the barrier between people who speak “Book” English and native speakers who want to speak casually and be at ease with you.

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