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What characteristics do you need to become a teacher?


As a teacher, you must have the ability and desire to do the following:

  1. Share knowledge with others
  2. Challenge, inspire, motivate, and encourage students
  3. Support and guide future leaders
  4. Make a difference in an individual’s life
  5. Feel pride in your own and as well as your studentsÂ’ accomplishments
  6. Obtain more knowledge
  7. Lecture on material that interests you as well as material that may not interest you.
  8. Great teaching seems to have less to do with our knowledge and skills than with our attitude toward our students, our subject, and our work.
  9. Qualities of a great teacher | Friendliness and Congeniality | Deep Knowledge and a Great Education | A Good Communicator | A Good Listener | A Good Sense of Humor | Kindness.

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