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MCQs on Hydrocarbons

MCQs on Hydrocarbons

Choose the process by which liquid hydrocarbons can be converted to gaseous hydrocarbons

(a) hydrolysis

(b) oxidation

(c) cracking

(d) distillation under reduced pressure

Answer: (c)

Which one of the following halide can be used in the Friedel-Crafts reaction?

(a) Isopropyl chloride

(b) Bromobenzene

(c) Chlorobenzene

(d) Chloroethene

Answer: (a)

Which one of the following compound forms salt on reaction with NaNH2?

(a) C2H2

(b) C2H6

(c) C6H6

(d) C2H4

Answer: (a)

Which among the following reagent can be used to distinguish between CH2BrCH=CH2 from CH3CH=CHBr?

(a) Br2/CCl4

(b) cold KMnO4

(c) AgNO3/C2H5OH

(d) Ag(NH3)2OH

Answer: (c)

Isopropyl iodide is formed after reaction of propene with HI, this is due to

(a) more stable free radical

(b) homolysis

(c) more stable carbanion

(d) more stable carbocation

Answer: (d)

C6H5CHO is formed when C6H6 is treated with CO and HCl in the presence of anhydrous AlCl3. Name of the reaction is:

(a) Friedel crafts reaction

(b) Gattermann Koch reaction

(c) Rosenmund reaction

(d) Stephen reaction

Answer: (b)

A compound having a bond angle 180° is

(a) alkyne

(b) alkane

(c) alkene

(d) cycloalkane

Answer: (a)


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