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MCQ on Voltage Regulator

MCQ on Voltage Regulator

Q1: Which of the following is considered as three-pin voltage regulator ICs?

  1. Voltage regulators which are adjustable
  2. Fixed voltage regulator
  3. Both a and b

Answer: (c) Both a and b

Q2: Which type of IC voltage regulator there is a continuous variation in the impedance of transistor in order to supply the desired amount of load current?

  1. Linear regulators
  2. Switching regulators
  3. Both a and b

Answer: (a) Linear regulators

Q3: Voltage regulators require

  1. Only line regulation
  2. Only load regulation
  3. A constant load
  4. Load and line regulation

Answer: (d) Load and line regulation

Q4: What type of regulators offer inherent short-circuit protection?

  1. Shunt regulators
  2. Series regulators
  3. Three-terminal regulators
  4. Switching regulators

Answers: (a) Shunt regulators

Q5: Voltage regulators keep a constant …………output voltage when the input or load varies within limits.

  1. DC
  2. AC
  3. ripple

Answer: (a) DC

Q6: Switching regulators are series type regulators, which has ……….power dissipation and …………efficiency.

  1. Increased, increased
  2. Increased, reduced
  3. Reduced, reduced
  4. Reduced, increased

Answer: (c) Reduced, increased

Q7: Which among the following performance parameter is called the change in line voltage within a specified range at a constant load current?

  1. Line regulation
  2. Load regulation
  3. Temperature stability factor
  4. Ripple factor

Answer: (a) Line regulation

Q8: The output voltage of a regulated power supply is affected by which of the following factors

  1. Input voltage
  2. Load current
  3. Temperature
  4. All the above

Answer: (d) All the above

Q9: Series pass transistor always operates in the………. region in a linear IC voltage regulator

  1. Active
  2. Saturation
  3. Cut-off
  4. All of these

Answer: (a) Active


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