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Frequently Asked Questions by Home Tutor

If you have any Query or Doubts which are
not answered here, Kindly Whatsapp: 9864920707 (Don’t Call Us)

Online Registration Link for Home Tutor: DO NOT PAY NOW

After Registration Applicants/Home Tutors have not to Request us/Call us for Home Tuition.
We will definitely contact you on the basis of Requirements in Your Locality.

Scientia Tutorials have the responsibility to provide more tuition to a Dedicated tutor. Dedicated tutors are those who can continue a particular tuition for a long time with the student’s progress.

Question: How to collect first month’s tuition fees?
Answer: Scientia Tutorials collect the first month’s tuition fees from the guardian at the time of admission. Scientia Tutorials will pay a 50% fee to the tutor for tutoring in the first month. Please! Don’t collect tuition fees from the guardian for the first month.

Question: How to pay service charges to Scientia Tutorials?
Question: How to collect tuition fees for the subsequent months till the tuition continues?
Answer: After every successful arrangement, the tutor has to pay a 20% tuition fee to Scientia Tutorials as a service charge for the subsequent months till the tuition continues. The tutor has to collect the tuition fees at the end of every month from the guardian, except the first month. The guardian and tutor can mutually discuss the payment schedule after the first month.

How to Pay: Scientia Tutorials will forward the individual payment link for each enrollment number. The tutor will receive the payment link after the first month through WhatsApp and Email.

How to Pay Service Charges to Scientia Tutorials?
Google Pay Number: 9864920707

Google Pay UPI ID: scientiatutorials@oksbi
Please mention Student’s Name & Enrollment Number during the Payment Section.

Please forward your transaction screenshot/copy after payment to Whatsapp: 9864920707 

Question: What is required to become a tutor? What is the minimum educational qualification to join Scientia Tutorials?

Answer: To qualify as a Scientia Tutorials teacher, you must have completed one of the following:

(1) Candidates with minimum Educational Qualification should be bachelor degree.

(2) All Candidates applying must be Self-confident, Dedicated and Honest.

Question: How to Apply?

Answer: Fill our online tutor application form:

Application form contains all the mandatory fields that we need from the applicant.
Once we receive your application form following process will be initiated:

(1) Administration will go through your application,
(2) Match your profile with student’s requirement,
(3) After Registration Applicants have not to Request us/ Call us for home tuition. We will definitely contact you on the basis of requirements in your locality.

Question: Do I need to submit any documents ?

Answer: No- Applicants have not to submit any documents after online registration. We will definitely contact you for Further Verification on the basis of requirements in your locality.

Further Verification: Please forward Via- WhatsApp: 9864920707

(1) One Photograph.   

(2) Copy of your address proof: Only One (For e.g. Driving license OR, Passport OR, Voter Id OR, Aadhar Card)

(3) Copy of your Secondary & Senior Secondary mark sheets.

(4) Copy of your Latest Degree & Master Degree mark sheets.

Do Not Pay Now: We collect Student Allotment & Processing Fees at the time of Student Allotment.

Question: How does Scientia Tutorials work for tutor?

Answer: Tutor can advertise their profile for students. When a guardian/student search a tutor according to his specification a list of tutors are displayed from database. Then the guardian/student can choose the tutor closer to his requirement to contact. The aim of our institute is to provide confidence & support to talented unemployed fresher.

Question: For which subjects I can apply?

Answer: We are accepting the application for all subjects. Our recruiters go through the application daily to shortlist the current requirement of teachers.

Question: How many days in a week I have to teach?

Answer: Tutors are required to take classes 2/3/4 days in a week for minimum 75 minutes per class.

Question: Where does tutoring take place?

Answer: Tutoring take place at student’s residence for one-on-one learning experience. Tutors may teach individual student at the student’s home only.

Question: Do I have to travel very long distances to conduct the classes ?

Answer: No, we assign students nearby your locality. We try our best to minimize your travel time.

Question: After registration how many tuition will be allotted for me?

Answer: After Registration Applicants have not to Request us/ Call us for home tuition. We will definitely contact you on the basis of requirements in your locality. If your performance will get satisfactory, administration will provide more students/tuition for you. Your performance completely depends on Guardian’s feedback.

Question: Why the Tutor profiles will be blacklisted?

Answer: Tutors profile may get blacklisted if they violate any of our terms & conditions:

(1) Sharing the Student’s information with unregistered tutors,

(2) Furnishing false information in their profile.

“Honesty and Responsibility is the best Policy”

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