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Frequently Asked Questions by Guardian/Student

For any Queries/Support/Help Call Us: 9864920707

Question: How does Scientia Tutorials work for students?

Answer: Please call and inform us about your requirements.We have the responsibility to provide tutors on the basis of your requirements. 

A student/guardian can also search the required tutor by choosing subject and location. A list of tutors will be displayed and then the student can request us for the Particular tutor Identity number.

If students or parents have any confusion to choose a tutor they can directly Call Proprietor Mr. Prasanta Jyoti Saikia. Contact No: 9864920707

Question: Where does class take place?

Answer: Tutoring classes may take place in students’ home. Guardian can determine class location when speaking with us.

Question: What is the admission fee?

Answer: At the time of admission Guardian has to pay Tuition fees for Last Month (Non-refundable)

Important Notice: Guardians don’t need to pay advance tuition fees to tutor and we do not take any responsibility for such payments. Guardians are requested to pay tuition fees directly to tutor only after the monthly sessions (8 Or; 12 Or; 16 classes) are over. Guardians are not required to pay tuition fees to the Tutor for Last month. We will pay last month fees to tutor from Security deposit.

Please click on the link below for payment:

Question: Do the admission fees (Tuition fees for Last Month) cover tuition charge?

Answer: Yes, amount paid during the admission time is a part of tuition charge (Tuition fees for Last Month). Guardian has not to pay tuition fees to the Tutor for last month. We create separate Enrollment Number for each tutor allotment. After adjustment of tuition fees for last month Enrollment Number will be closed forever.

Question: What is the payment mode for tuition fees?

Answer: Guardian has to pay tuition fees directly to the Tutor except Last month. Scientia Tutorials will pay last month fees to tutor.

Question: Can I speak with the tutor before I book the class?

Answer: No, your tutor will contact you once your class has been scheduled. You cannot take telephonic interview of the tutor before calling him/her for the class. But Parents can ask anything about tutor to Scientia Tutorials.

“Positive expectations are the mark of the superior personality.”― Brian Tracy

Question: Can I replace my tutor? If yes How do I change my Tutor?

Answer: Yes, You can ask to change your tutor at any time. You can change your Tutor easily. 

First, identify a new Tutor : CLICK HERE to Find Home Tutors

Second, Send Tutor ID Number of  your new Tutor.

Finally, if you are having difficulties finding a new Tutor, Contact with us: 9864920707

It is not advisable to change your Tutor without careful consideration.

Question: What to do if I can not find any tutor who matches my requirements on your website?

Answer: If you cannot find any tutor that matched you requirement then you post an inquiry on our site without any charges. To do this “Click on the link below

Question: Do you compensate the classes if tutor takes leave for some days?

Answer: Yes, we compensate the classes if in-between teacher leaves due reasons like sickness, going outstation, leaving job, etc. We have a provision called ‘Tutor Replacement’ which can be done if you are unsatisfied with the teaching method or teacher cannot continue classes due to his/her own reason, or they are irregular in taking classes. The request of ‘Tutor Replacement’ can be raised during any time of the entire agreement period.

Question: Do you provide any guarantee in improvement of grades?

Answer: We are responsible for offering you the qualified home tutors only. Several factors contribute in the performance of the students. Apart from our service, study at school, college, parental guidance and learning environment play a bigger role in encouraging student for academic development. 

Regular study is the key to a stress free life and is the best way to avoid last minute panic and rote learning.

“You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.”― Galileo

Question: Why home tutoring?

Answer: Every child is different and their needs are different. It is impossible for a teacher who is taking a class of forty students to individually monitor each and every child, especially in a country such as India where the emphasis is on completing syllabus rather than imparting quality education. So there is always a need for someone to provide individual attention to your kid.

Question: What is the process of taking Admission and What are the payment modes?

Answer: Students are required to fill the online admission form during the time of admission:

Question: Who are the tutors or instructors on your website?

Answer: The aim of our company is to provide confidence & support to talented unemployed freshers. Most Our tutors are talented unemployed freshers with good academic records and have high ambitions in their respective fields. For class I-X minimum qualification of a tutor is Graduate and for Class XI- XII and above we expect minimum a Master degree qualification.

Question: What are the syllabuses you covered?

Answer: Our teaching mentors can teach CBSE, SEBA, AHSEC, ICSE and IGCSE Syllabuses. We provide lessons to all the subjects covered under above stated syllabuses and also take classes of students’ studying in College & Universities.

Question: Are Youngsters Good Home Tutors?

Answer: The answer according to us is a Big “Yes”. Home tutoring is customized service. A person who has been teaching for 20 years maybe a good exam tutor but one can not guarantee that the teacher will be flexible enough to suit the demands of every individual as the experience has made him stuck to particular method of teaching, whereas a youngster is open to all avenues and does not follow a particular style of teaching. And second most important point is that kids connect better to youngsters.

The aim of our organisation is to provide confidence & support to talented unemployed fresher.

Question: Can I have an ID proof of home tutor for verification purpose?

Answer: To build high level of trust, Scientia Tutorials always recommend parents to ask for a valid ID and address proof of the teacher before hiring them.

Question: Do you screen your tutors?

Answer: Yes. Every tutor undergoes an internal review by a member of our team. Additionally, Scientia Tutorials runs a background check on all of our tutors. We take their Address Proof, Photograph and Qualification Proof to Verify them.

Question: What if I’m not happy with my tutor?

Answer: If you are not completely satisfied with your 1st or 2nd class, we will gladly find you another tutor. Contact us as soon as possible after the 1st or 2nd class to give us the feedback about the tutor. Guardians can request us at anytime for new tutor. But after deactivation of Enrollment Number Scientia Tutorials have no responsibility. After adjustment of Security Deposit (Last Month Tuition Fees) Enrollment Number will be closed/deactivated forever.

Question: What to do if I am satisfied with your service?

Answer: Please! Click the below link to leave a Review us on Google
Your Feedback is Valuable & Important to Us. We value and appreciate your compliments, suggestions or complaints in order to improve our services and the way we communicate. If you are satisfied with the service you have received from us, please let us know.

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