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Question: Why home tutoring?

Answer: Every child is different and their needs are different. It is impossible for a teacher who is taking a class of forty students to individually monitor each and every child, especially in a country such as India where the emphasis is on completing syllabus rather than imparting quality education. So there is always a need for someone to provide individual attention to your kid.


Question: How to become a good Tutor?

Answer: Tutoring is the process of getting students to become independent through questioning. Tutoring should help students develop self-confidence and improve study skills. In addition, the tutoring session should provide students with an opportunity to speak up and ask questions, an opportunity sometimes unavailable or missed in a regular classroom situation.
Tutoring is not teaching. There are important differences between the role of the tutor and that of the classroom teacher. Approaches, relationships and techniques are different. The tutor works in very close proximity with the student, usually one-on-one.
Experience the joy of making a difference by becoming a tutor. You’ll be part of helping somebody grow and learn and become who they are meant to be. You will also put your skills and expertise to good use.

Question: Are Youngsters Good Home Tutors?

Answer: The answer according to SCIENTIA is a Big “Yes”. Home tutoring is customized service. A person who has been teaching for 20 years maybe a good exam tutor but one can not guarantee that the teacher will be flexible enough to suit the demands of every individual as the experience has made him stuck to particular method of teaching, whereas a youngster is open to all avenues and does not follow a particular style of teaching. And second most important point is that kids connect better to youngsters.


Question: Who are your tutors?

Answer: Our tutors are professional tutors, retired school teachers, writers, grad students, language instructors and educators with years of tutoring experience. Each of our tutors undergoes SCIENTIA’s internal screening process and a background check.

Question: Do you screen your tutors?

Answer: Yes. Every tutor undergoes an internal review by a member of the SCIENTIA team. Additionally, SCIENTIA runs a background check on all of our tutors. We take their Address Proof, Photograph and Qualification Proof to verify them.

Question: Where does class take place?

Answer: Tutoring classes may take place in students’ homes or hostel. You can determine class location when speaking with us.

Question: Can I speak with the tutor before I book the class?

Answer: No, your tutor will contact you once your class has been scheduled. You cannot take telephonic interview of the tutor before calling him/her for the class.

Question: What if I’m not happy with my tutor?

Answer: If you are not completely satisfied with your first class, SCIENTIA will gladly find you another tutor. Contact us as soon as possible after the class to give us the feedback about the tutor.

Question: What to do if I can not find any tutor who matches my requirements on your website?

Answer: If you cannot find any tutor that matched you requirement then you post an enquiry on our site without any charges. To do this click on “Need a Tutor” button and fill up the specifications.
You can also send SMS or call us in our Helpline Number: 9864014444.

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